Review of Aberlour, A’bunadh, (No Age Stated), Batch 36, 60.1% ABV

The giver of this gift, put me to the test. I had previously bragged to my dear Jennifer that the only curves that rivaled her’s were those of my whiskey bottles. Needless to say, she did not see the humor.

A few weeks later, I received this as a birthday gift. I was asked to close my eyes. In my blindness, my hands were gently guided to the bottle sitting before me on the kitchen counter. Within seconds, I said, “Aberlour.” She responded, “Okay, so, which one?”


“I don’t like you.”

“Yes, you do. All the Aberlour bottles feel the same, and I’m pretty sure they all have this dipped-rubber seal. This is the only one I said I wanted, the one with the strange name. Thank you, beautiful. I love you.”

So, how do you even pronounce it? And what does it mean? Good questions. I’ve heard it pronounced “ah-boo-NAH-duh.” It is Scotch Gaelic for “original.” But you didn’t buy it for linguistic training, did you? You bought it because you were intrigued by the opportunity to enjoy something special, something unlike the others you’ve loved before.

But before the intrigue is indulged, the origin of this particular whiskey is wrapped with an interesting yarn.

It is said that in 1975, some workman were installing a new still when they uncovered a time capsule hiding a very old bottle of Aberlour that had been wrapped in a newspaper from 1898. What did the men do? Did they run to the Master Distiller and deliver the exciting news of the discovery? Did they lay it gently back into its chamber, tucking it back into its keep? Nope. They opened it and drank it, leaving only a tiny bit. Once it was discovered what had happened, the remaining portion was sent to a lab for analysis. Hopefully, while the chemists did their work, the Master Distiller was busy putting those workmen into the time capsule, welding it shut, and putting it back into the floor.

If this is all true, then Aberlour’s chemists are to be commended. If not, then Aberlour has solved some other secret riddle from within the very threads of the cosmic order and produced a wonderful “original” by vatting into an Oloroso sherry cask several single malt editions between 10 and 16 years old. (Rumor has it that Aberlour actually used malts between 5 and 25 years, but I tend to think that is probably not true; not because I have evidence, but because common sense suggests that an Aberlour aged to 25 years would be far too valuable to mix with a toddling 5-year-old. I’m sure that the distillers are much more pedagogically sound than that.)

At the time of this writing, there have been 39 different batches released, all offering an ABV between 58% and 61%. This particular edition, noted as being born of batch 36, registers at 60.1% and sells for about $60.

Most connoisseurs seem to agree that each batch offers different wonders. However, batch 36 was a long way from my first encounter with batch 17 and yet it was everything I remembered so fondly: rich, full, and cherried; leaning to brandy-like.

On second thought, if the ground opened beneath your feet and an ancient bottle of Aberlour appeared, why would you not drink it assuming that Heaven had smiled upon you and your labors? Sleep well in the capsule, men. I suppose I would have done the same.

Source by Christopher I Thoma

Holiday on the Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull off the west coast of Scotland is a popular holiday destination for people from across the world. Whilst some folk come for a day trip, many spend anything from a couple of days to several weeks enjoying island hospitality and exploring the wonderful scenery and wildlife of Mull and its neighbouring islands. Mull and Iona have a good range of accommodation from bed and breakfasts to self catering cottages to hotels. There are a number of excellent places to eat offering local produce and the local whiskey must be sampled. Most of the island has single track roads so do check out tips on the best way to drive on these roads before you go.

There are many places to explore on Mull and its surrounding islands and plenty of wildlife, including the magnificent sea eagles, to be seen. Most of the accommodation providers will help people decide what they wish to see and suggests wildlife trips that can be taken. For shorter breaks people often choose to stay in a bed and breakfast where they have the added benefit of their hosts’ local knowledge and experience. For those wanting the independence of self-catering information packs are often provided. There is also a Visit Scotland Tourist Information Centre in Craignure.

Most people come here by car and will need information about the ferries between Mull and the mainland as well as how to drive on single track roads (always use the passing spaces to allow approaching vehicles to pass and overtaking if the vehicle behind you would like to pass; and always stay to the left hand side even if that means stopping opposite a passing space). Should folk want to leave their cars behind it is possible, with some planning, to get around the island using public transport. For the more energetic visitors bicycles can be hired to explore the island.

Tobermory is a thriving village and is often referred to as the capital of Mull. There are many bed and breakfasts and other types of accommodation to choose from and plenty of choice for eating out. The village has an excellent arts centre called An Tobar and the Mull Theatre which attracts touring theatre companies as well as putting on their own productions. Tobermory also boasts a small but excellent museum which, along with the Ross of Mull Historical Centre based in Bunessan, offers useful information for people wanting to research their family history. There is the Tobermory Distillery and a range of different shops to visit also.

Mull and its neighbouring islands of Iona, Ulva, Staffa and the Treshnish Isles have some spectacular scenery and, if you get the weather on your side, offer some of the most beautiful places to visit on this planet. Iona is a small island with a rich history and is reached by ferry from the village of Fionnphort down the southwest end of Mull. A visit to the Abbey is essential however the whole island has a calming spiritual atmosphere. If you have time to walk to the northwest of the island you will find some beautiful sandy beaches with more of the unusual pink marbled granite that make up this part of Mull and Iona. Another unforgettable experience is a trip to Staffa with its basalt columns, and in the months of April to early August you can combine Staffa with a visit to Lunga (one of the Treshnish Isles) where you can see puffins and many other species of seabird.

Mull itself has a surprising range of different landscapes including dramatic cliffs, sea and inland lochs, beautiful beaches, and mountains including its very own munro Ben More. There are also castles to explore. If you like eating out you will be spoilt for choice as there are some good restaurants and cafes offering local produce across the island. The island of Mull is an excellent holiday location for wildlife enthusiasts, bird watchers, walkers, cyclists, geologists and anyone who wants to experience a relaxing, peaceful holiday in a beautiful, unspoilt part of the world.

Source by Sarah L Darling

Top 3 Tips for Celebrating St Andrew’s Day

Lots of countries celebrate a special day. In America the 4th of July is a very important festival. In Canada they celebrate their nation’s birthday on July 1st. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular celebrations on March 17th. Festivities can range from backyard barbecues, cookouts, to fireworks and dancing. You may not know this, but Scotland has a day of national celebration too.

November 30th is a special day for Scottish people. Although St. Andrew happens to be the patron saint of many other countries, St. Andrew’s Day is a national bank holiday in Scotland. Scottish residents and ex-patriots throughout the world celebrate this day with family dinners, drinking and all things Scottish. If you have ever wanted to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day, here are the three top tips to make your get together successful:

1. Eat and Prepare the Proper Food When celebrating St. Andrew’s Day – people often eat fish, as St. Andrew was a fisherman. It is a well known tradition to catch rabbits and hares, used later in a large feast, but since this is not always possible, traditional fine Scottish food is served. This may include singed Sheep’s head, Scottish herring in oatmeal, beef in whiskey sauce, scotch eggs, “finnan haddie, stovies” and haggis.

2. Have Traditional Scottish Music Available – Traditional Scottish feasting should also have the right kind of music accompanying it. In the case of St. Andrew’s Day it is wise to have the melodies found in the Scottish Ceilidh Collection, Fiddler’s Series or The Fiddle Music of the Scottish Highlands. When all else fails you might just want to recite some Robbie Burns poetry. I personally like the Irish Rovers, but realize the irony in playing their music. The music can really set the mood for a long night of feasting.

3. Have plenty of beverages on hand during any traditional Scottish feast, celebration or party. It goes without saying that having plenty of the correct beverages to share is a must. While some will choose a single malt Scotch, you may also want to select a Rob Roy, Mary Queen of Scots or Rye Whiskey.

However, it is not uncommon to enjoy a bold glass of wine that has been properly decanted or poured with a wine aerator. This provides the perfect glass of wine with a proper bouquet and aroma. Wine is being enjoyed more than ever on St. Andrew’s day, as Scotland has had a major increase in vineyards over the past two decades. With the climate being similar to British Columbia, the land is proving to produce amazing red wine and white wine.

Celebrating your country of origin’s national holiday should be full of family, friends and laughs. St. Andrew’s Day is no different and your expectation should be to have the greatest time possible. Traditional food, drink, song and dance can help bring people together while remembering times of yesteryear. Make sure you take advantage this November 30th and raise a glass of scotch, whiskey or aerated red wine in a toast to Scotland’s patron saint.

Source by Steven Magill

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Men in 2009

Searching for the top 10 Christmas gifts for men? While there might be a dazzling array of super gift ideas out there you are probably faced with the same challenge that all holiday shoppers face this season.

Too much to do and too little time! Where do you go for the top gift ideas?

You don’t need to go any further than right here! I’ve sifted and sorted through gift options available at a host of retailers to bring you the most unique gifts for men that have been consistently popular over the whole year. So say goodbye to giving the men in your life variations of boring gifts this year. The ten gift ideas you’ll find below will have him whooping with joy and sheer delight!

1) The Uber-Cool 15″ Gigantor Digital Photo Frame

The sumo-sized 15″ Gigantor digital photo frame will make his jaw drop, literally, since he’ll be able to view his favorite pictures from across the room without even squinting! Delivering ultra-sharp picture quality, this baby can play Mpeg video and mp3 files with ease.

2) Thumb Stadium Electronic Game Kit

If you’ve been wishing for the chance to best him in a fight, you’ll get it with this little electronic thumb stadium game kit. With 4 in-built games that are a blast to play, this kit will have him competing frantically in thumb duels with just about everyone.

3) Duct Tape Wallet

For sheer coolness nothing beats the duct tape wallet! This next generation wallet not only looks amazingly fashionable but is also soft, and extremely durable.

4) Gerber Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool

The ingenious Gerber Artifact keychain is actually eight little tools masquerading as one single device. It consistently gets voted as one of the top 10 Christmas gifts for men in 2009 at most websites. Your man will be prepared for anything wherever he goes with this multi-tool in his pocket.

5) My Fitness Coach

If he is a fitness enthusiast then why not gift him his very own virtual fitness coach? Let virtual Maya be his guide as she helps him improve his fitness levels. ‘My Fitness Coach’ is one of the latest releases by Nintendo for the Wii Fit.

6) Philips Norelco T980 Turbo Vacuum Trimmer

Does your man like experimenting with new looks? Then this neat little trimmer will make the perfect gift allowing him to be perfectly groomed at the touch of a button without a mess.

7) The FR150 Microlink Solar-Powered, Self-Powered AM/FM/Weatherband Portable Radio

This multifunctional device makes a fantastic gift since he can use this portable gadget as a flashlight, radio, weather tuner while powering it up with solar power!

8) Aeropress Coffee Maker

If he loves coffee, then help him make the best cup of coffee in the world with this coffee maker. This inexpensive coffee maker can whip out a cup of the most flavorful coffee he’s ever had real fast. In fact coffee snobs compare it to the brew made by $6000 Clover coffee machines.

9) Whiskey Stones

These re-usable whiskey stones will help his whiskey stay cold for a long time! These stones don’t melt away like ice and just need to be chilled in the freezer before they are used. He’s sure to adore them!

10) American Innovative Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock

The final selection in my top 10 Christmas Gifts For Men in 2009 just has to be the Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock. The world’s first clock to offer seven independent daily alarms for each day of the week this amazing device is sure to blow him away!

Source by Laura Seymour

The 8 Most Common Migraine Triggers Foods

From coffee to oranges – helpful tips for avoiding those foods that may just trigger a migraine.

Those who suffer from migraine attacks know all too well. The throbbing headaches that occur after eaten something you know you shouldn’t have. What often follows is a pain to the side of the head, sickness, sensitivity to light, visual disturbances or aura. Attacks that can last from 4 hours (if your lucky) up to 72 hours (if your not) or even longer. The good news is that migraine attacks can be largely reduced or prevented if you avoid the most common migraine triggers..

From coffee and alcohol to processed foods and citrus fruits, studies show that certain foods are known to be migraine triggers.

Here’s what you need to know about the top 8 most common migraine trigger foods.

Migraine and Citrus Fruits

(Oranges, tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, lime).

Fruits are always associated with healthy living, but to the migraine sufferer they can be possible migraine trigger, this is due to their high levels of tyramine.

Migraine and Caffeine

(Coffee, tea, cola)

Caffeine as a migraine trigger can be somewhat confusing, because for some people it can help to alleviate a migraine, but for others it will have the opposite effect, thus triggering a migraine.

Migraine and Alcohol

Red wine, beer, whiskey, champagne are the most common identified alcoholic migraine triggers, this is largely due to the large concentrations of tyramine during the fermentation process.

Migraine and Cheese

Aged cheeses can trigger migraines, this is due to the high amounts of the natural substance known as tyramine. Aged cheeses such as blue, stilton, cheddar, mozzarella, camembert and parmesan are usually the culprits.

Migraine and Processed Meats

Packaged meats including ham, bacon, sausages, pepperoni, salami and other processed meats contain high levels of tyramine. These processed meats may also include additives/preservatives such as nitrates and nitrites

Migraine and MSG (monosodium glutamate)

MSG is a common additive which is found in many of today’s foods, although not a cause of migraines, it can be a migraine trigger. Found in many pre-packed foods and perhaps more commonly Chinese food.

Migraine and Chocolate

Chocolate has for many years been the alleged trigger of migraines, although for many sufferers this is probably true, but for others it’s perfectly ok. One thing to note, chocolate does contain caffeine and this is probably why it doesn’t affect everybody the same way.

Migraine and Aspartame

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which is found in a number of food products including soft drinks. It is also believed to have an effect on serotonin levels in the body, although this is not thought to be a direct cause of a migraine, but certainly doesn’t help.


What is tyramine?

Tyramine is a natural substance found in a numerous foods such as aged and fermented foods, including cheese, meats, bread, citrus fruit and some alcoholic drinks. It can even be found in leftover food that have been in the fridge for more than 24 hours.

Source by Kevin Thoroughgood

A Brief History of Heroin in America

In the late 1800s, opium was a popular, commonly available drug. Drug users frequented opium dens which dotted the ‘Wild West’ region of America. It was smuggled in and sold by Chinese immigrants who came here to work on the railroads.

There is a typical picture of the western cowboy drowning himself in whiskey at a bar after a rough ride on the dirt roads. It was more likely however, that he was prostrate in a dimly lit room, smoking opium in the arms of an oriental prostitute. They often spent several nights and days at these dens, smoking opium, until eventually, their bodies became addicted to it.

Alcoholism, however, was a bigger problem in those days and opium was used as a cure for alcohol addiction.

In 1810, morphine, a derivative of opium, was developed as a pain killer. It eliminated pain caused by medical operations and severe injuries. Soon after it was administered, it produced an intense, dream-like state of euphoria. Hence, it came to be christened “morphine”, after Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. It was hailed by doctors as a miraculous cure for pain and used extensively and freely. In the euphoria however, its detrimental addictive properties went unnoticed until after the Civil War.

Thousands of soldiers became morphine addicts during the civil war and within a span of ten years since its invention America was in the grip of a major morphine epidemic.

In 1874, a British chemist working in London invented a new drug. Bayer of Germany registered it as a trademark under the name “Heroin”. Shortly, it was imported into America and aggressively marketed to doctors and their patients as a “safe, non-addictive” substitute for morphine. For the next several decades, it was sold legally all over the country by drug companies.

Eventually, in 1920, the US Congress passed the Dangerous Drug Act, banning the sale of heroin over the counter and making its distribution federally regulated. However, it was too late already. Tens of thousands of citizens had already been addicted and a market for heroin had been created. Today this market still exists and is, in fact, ever growing.

Nowadays, heroin is well known, and the fact that many people abuse it is also well known.

Opiate addiction
is not taken lightly, and it shouldn’t be. Addiction to heroin or other opiate derivatives can cause severe damage to the user over long term use. Because of this, there are now many drug addiction treatment centers nation-wide.

Source by Ryan Bombard

Book Review – The Legend of Bass Reeves

The Legend of Bass Reeves: Being the True and Fictional Account of the Most Valiant Marshall in the West

(Gary Paulsen, Wendy Lamb Books)

Ten year-old Bass Reeves and his mother were slaves on Mister’s ranch. Bass managed the ranch almost by himself. There is another slave on the ranch named Flowers, who couldn’t talk because “…he was whipped and beaten, and it made the thinking part of his brain shut down.” The three worked under the watchful eye of mean-spirited Mister.

When Mister drank he got even meaner. He taught Bass to play cards so he could have some company. After Bass got good at cards Mister put up the money for Bass to play, starting with nickels until they got to fifty cents. One night when Bass had won all his money, Mister bet Bass his, and his mother’s freedom. Bass was nearly 17 and longing to be a free man.

Then he caught Mister cheating. Mister threw down his cards and hit Bass in the head. Bass hit him back. Enraged, Mister pulled his gun on Bass. Knowing that he was about to die, Bass hit him with a whiskey jug. Mister went down. Bass believed he had killed Mister. When she heard the shot, his mother came running. In no time, Bass was running for his life, never to see his mother again. He escaped to Indian Territory and began his life as a free man.

Bass survived on deer and buffalo that he hunted. He learned to read the sounds and movements all around him. Once he had to kill two men in self-defense. Another time he saved a little Creek (Indian)girl from being killed by three wolves. He lived with the Creek nation for 22 years.

The historic legend of Bass Reeves really began when he was fifty-one. The US government needed someone familiar with the Indian Territory to be a marshall and they recruited Bass Reeves. From 1862 until 1907 Bass Reeves was a US Marshall bringing in fugitives. In 1907, the town of Muskogee asked eighty-one year old Bass Reeves to be the town constable. His story is exciting and worthy of investigation.

Source by Dorothy L. Ferebee

Best Van Morrison Songs – The Best of the Rest

The following songs did not fit neatly into the categories I designated for my Best Van Morrison Songs series. Because all three of these move me immensely, I wanted to include them somehow.

Linden Arden Stole the Highlights”– Veedon Fleece (1974)

I suppose there’s been much speculation about this Linden Arden, and I think there’s no definitive answer. My guess is Van read a story in a newspaper – I think I’ve heard it was a character in a little known play? – and ran with the idea. This is a tale of tender man (“loved to go to church on Sunday,” “and he loved the little children like they were his very own”) on the run and struggling with his own demons (“whiskey ran like water in his veins,” “he took the law into his own hands,” “cleaved their heads off with a hatchet”). With the gentle upright bass and piano backing, there’s a feeling of compassion similar to Astral Weeks’ “Madame George” that makes this an essential track.

Celtic New Year”– Magic Time (2005)

I realize I could have created another category of Van Morrison songs – Songs of Home – as the theme of home and belonging crops up often in his records. “Celtic New Year” is a great example. There are many lines in this one that I don’t quite understand, and I hesitate to overanalyze; I find I’m better-served sticking to the feeling I get when I’m listening. Here I feel an intense longing, the kind you feel when you clearly belong in a particular place at particular time – like home for the holidays, to use a bad example. There are lines that support that feeling – “Won’t you come back, I want you to be of good cheer, come back home in the Celtic New Year.”

Saint Dominic’s Preview”– Saint Dominic’s Preview (1972)

Now, diving into this third song, I realize the common thread among them – they’re really kind of mysterious to me. What is Celtic New Year (forgive me, I didn’t do the research) and what does it have to do with Louisiana and playing cards? Who was Linden Arden (I did do my research) anyway, and did he really decapitate a bunch of dudes? And what in the world is “Saint Dominic’s Preview” (again, I did the research, and there’s no conclusive answer). The latter in particular feels very Dylanesque, in the jumping of time frames and seemingly disconnected images – window cleaning in Paris, restaurant business meetings, recording sessions, Safeway supermarkets, and cocktail parties. What’s it all about? No idea, to be honest. But it’s not so important. What I hear is defiance, determination, and a communal effort towards… something. And it feels pretty damn good.

Source by Richard Keane

Irish Pub Tours – Chauffeur Driven Irish Pub Crawl Road Trip – Limerick to Galway and Dublin

An Irish Pub Crawl road trip is perfect for Ireland group travel and your next vacation delivering you into the heart of Irish pub culture and the most beautiful scenery Ireland has to offer. For Ireland Pub tours you could fly from Shannon to Dublin but then you would miss all the fun, music, scenery, and pub crawls along the way while making new friends over a pint or two. Experience the ultimate Ireland road trip journey from Limerick via Galway and Connemara to Dublin visit Dolan’s Pub in Limerick, the Western Bar in Galway, Celtic Crossroads, Lockes Distillery and highlight of any Irish pub tour group vacation the famous Jameson Dublin Literary Pub Crawl in Dublin’s fair city.

Day by Day Ireland Pub Tour Road Trip Journey from Limerick via Galway and Connemara to Dublin

Ireland is truly a warm and welcoming country, or as the Gaelic phrase “Cead Mile Failte” expresses so eloquently, “a hundred thousand welcomes”. Participating in an Ireland pub Tour provides you with advantages over individuals traveling on their own. Besides being chauffeured from one place to the next your guide will offer interesting historical insight into Irish culture and you will be delighted by the diversity of the carefully planned activities.

The best Irish pub tours are packaged so you enjoy culture, fun, entertainment and breathtaking natural scenery ensuring every Irish Pub Tour member gets the most from a visit on an Ireland vacation. Whether you are a keen photographer, music lover, fellow Irishman or just like a pint or two of Guinness stout, this road trip has something for everyone!

The Irish pub tour includes Dolan’s Pub in Limerick, famous for its live acoustic sessions, where local musicians jam nightly playing traditional Irish music, the Western Bar in Galway, an authentic Irish pub with traditional entertainment favored by the locals, take in Ireland’s best musical stage show, Celtic Crossroads. Irish Pub Tour Group members can try the finest Irish Whiskey at the Lockes Distillery and finish with the famous Jameson Dublin Literary Pub Crawl. Plus enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, contrasting starkness of the Burren, Galway, Roundstone, a village in Connemara boasting one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland, tour Kylemore Abbey, and spend a couple of days in Dublin.

Fly to Shannon overnight in Limerick Get Ready for Ireland’s Scenic Beauty

On day one of your journey, an Eirebus chauffeur and professional Ireland tour group guide meet members at the Shannon Airport. You travel north to one of Ireland’s most stunning sights, the Cliffs of Moher, where some days you can see clear to the Aran Islands. Time to relax at the hotel in Limerick before stepping out on the town.

Celebrate your first night in Ireland by visiting Dolan’s Pub, one of Limerick’s best known hostelries, established in 1878, Dolan’s Pub has earned the reputation for hosting wonderful acoustic sessions where local musicians are invited to join in nightly. Overnight in a Limerick hotel like the Adare Manor or Hilton.

Journey from Limerick to Galway, the heart of Gaelic Culture

On day two travel north to Galway, your touring base for the next three nights. On the way, discover the stark beauty of the Burren, one of the largest Karst landscapes in Europe, formed by the erosion of layers of soluble bedrock over millions of years resulting in an undulating series of hills, terraces, caves and cliffs, all in constantly changing hues of grey. There are more than 90 megalithic tombs in the area, a Celtic high cross and a number of ancient ring forts which some say were part of ancient Ireland’s mating rituals.

This afternoon arrive in Galway and tonight Ireland Group Travel members are chauffeured to the Western Bar to enjoy authentic Irish Music. Even the most well-travelled member of the Irish Pub Tour will not have experienced the fun and spontaneity of the locals suddenly bursting into song, uniting together in their renditions of popular Irish songs. The Irish are notorious for their love of singing in pubs so do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a performance of “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. Overnight in a Galway hotel like the fabulous 5 star Glenlo Abbey Hotel

Experience a Day of History, Bodhran Craftsmanship, and Celtic Crossroads musical stage show

Day three it’s on to the picturesque Kylemore Abbey, oldest Irish Benedictine Abbey, and convent of the Benedictine Nuns of Ypres. Work up an appetite as you stroll the shores of Lake Kylemore, see the beautifully restored Gothic Church, take in the exhibition at the visitor’s center or look around the craft shop and pottery studio where you can watch Kylemore Abbey Pottery being made and then treat yourself to some delicious home cooked food.

Drive on to the village of Roundstone, one of the oldest resorts in Connemara and most beautiful settings and picturesque village overlooking the Atlantic. Home of Malachy Kearns or Malachy Bodhran as folk musicians call him, a master craftsman of the Bodhran, the round skin drum played with both ends of a beater and heartbeat of Irish folk music. Tonight back in Galway attend the Celtic Crossroads Show, Ireland’s highly acclaimed music and stage show, from the roots of Irish traditional music through to its modern-day counterparts such as Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass and Gypsy. After the show rest up at the hotel in Galway.

Today travel through the Scenic Middle Counties visit Lockes Distillery before reaching Dublin

On the fourth day of your Ireland group travel vacation you head east through the central counties of Ireland towards Dublin. On the way, visit Lockes Distillery, licensed in 1757, the oldest pot still distillery in the world, and produced triple distilled whiskey for 200 years. Closed in 1957 and then restored into a Museum by the local people. See the original 19th century water wheel and the steam engine and fascinating process of whiskey making from grinding the grain to casking the final product then try a complimentary sample of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey! Arrive in Dublin in time to relax at your hotel and a free night to explore a whole host of pubs Ireland’s Capital has to offer.

Experience Dublin City Tour & highly entertaining Jameson Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Its day five already and today Ireland pub tour group members will enjoy everything this city has to offer on the Dublin City Tour: Your guide will take you to the most impressive cultural hotspots including Trinity College — one of the great Universities of the world, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, with its 140 foot spire, Dublin Castle — dating back to 1208 and now a major Irish Government complex, O’Connell Street — part of a grand thoroughfare that runs through the centre of Dublin, and Georgian Squares — see shining examples of the last remaining Georgian architecture.

This afternoon Irish Pub Tour members can relax a bit before joining one of the most entertaining pub crawls anywhere. Join in the Jameson Dublin Literary Pub Crawl and wind your way through the streets of Dublin absorbing the atmosphere, taking in the sights and sound, while a team of rambling players and minstrels accompany you with renditions of verse and prose, drama and song from the Dublin literary greats, including Joyce, Beckett, and Oscar Wilde. You’ll find out how the pub culture began and why it was so important to writers. This is definitely an evening not to be missed. Overnight at Trinity Capital Hotel or similar in central Dublin.

A Fond Farewell to the Emerald Isle

On day six your chauffeur escorts you to Dublin Airport and as you say your farewells to the Emerald Isle, you may feel a little sad but your heart will be overflowing with love for this beautiful country, her welcoming people and the memories you will now treasure forever. The real beauty of Ireland is her people and sharing this with your Irish Pub tour members is something you will all have in common when you chat or think back about visit to Ireland and the absolutely brilliant time you had on this Irish Pub Crawl tour.

Ireland Pub Group Tour Tips

It is easy to form a group, just invite your friends, family, travel club members, or business associates, and organize an Irish Pub Group Tour. Group organizers can sometimes travel at reduced cost or even complimentary. Important steps include making plans in advance, choosing a reputable company and tour operator in Ireland to handle all of the travel arrangements, and then get ready to have the time of your life on a pleasurable pub tour of Ireland.

Source by Taylor Hill

Home Remedies for Combating Wisdom Teeth Pain

How to Soothe Wisdom Teeth Pain

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. They emerge in your late teens or your early twenties. When they come in, though, it often hurts, just like it did when you got your first set of teeth as a baby. You may even have headaches, your gums might swell, or have pain in nearby teeth.

Unless your dentist decides that your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, you’ll need a way to cope with your second round of teething pain.

Of course, if your pain is severe, call your dentist right away. Often severe pain is a sign that you are having trouble. The teeth may be impacted or they may be coming in at the wrong angle. In that case, your dentist may need to extract them. For less-severe pain, though, there are a variety of options you can choose for relief.

Ice Packs: When you overdo it at the gym and develop a strain, you apply an ice pack to ease the pain and swelling. You may not have known, though, that you can also use an ice pack to relieve wisdom tooth pain.

Salt Water: This tried and true remedy has another benefit: it kills germs that may cause infection. Dissolve some salt in hot water, and then rinse, just like you do with your mouthwash. You’ll feel immediate relief from the swelling and pain.

OTC Pain Relievers: You can also get quick relief by taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol. Advil and Motrin also relieve the swelling, although they may cause gastrointestinal irritation in sensitive individuals.

Onion Juice: Cut an onion in half. Place it on the inner cheek of your sore tooth. Whenever you feel a twinge of pain, bite into the onion to extract the juice. The juice not only relieves the pain, but it also kills harmful germs.

Whiskey: If you’re over 21, try this: Sip a shot of whiskey, but don’t swallow it. Just swirl it around in your mouth for a minute or so. You’ll feel instant relief. If you drink alcohol, you can swallow it for more pain relief. Just don’t overdo it. Overuse of alcohol can cause serious health problems.

Cloves: Another proven home remedy, clove oil also has pain-relieving properties. Either dab your sore gums with the oil, or place a whole clove on the sore tooth. Squeeze the clove to release the oils onto your gums.

If you need more information about how to deal with wisdom tooth pain, call your dentist today.

Source by Richard Caven